The Future of Beauty is Here: Meet the Top 5 Beauty Startups of the NX NIVEA Accelerator

Introducing the Five Beauty Startups of the NX NIVEA Accelerator Batch III

1. rom&nd — Consumer-centered Cosmetic Brand

rom&nd’s best-sellers: Juicy Lasting Tint & Better Than Eyeshadow Palette

2. PowderRoom — Korea’s First & Largest Beauty Platform

PowderRoom’s co-created cosmetic brand AMTS (All My Things)

3. Kuoca — Order-made Fresh Skincare

Kuoca’s best-seller: Cream Blend

4. Picky — Global Skincare Platform Connecting Brands and Consumers

Picky’s official website page

5. Lillycover — Customized Skincare Solution with Smart Factory

Lillycover’s Portable Skin Analyzer and Plasma Massger ‘MUILLI’ & Customized Essence For Your Skin ‘BalanX’




We Empower Beauty Disruptors.

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NX | NIVEA Accelerator

NX | NIVEA Accelerator

We Empower Beauty Disruptors.

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