Shaping the Future of Beauty — Meet the Top 5 Beauty Startups of the NX NIVEA Accelerator

Introducing the Five Beauty Startups of the NIVEA Accelerator Batch II

1. Femmue — Skincare Inspired by Flowers

“Flower Therapy” presented by Femmue

“We are passionate about encouraging women to change beautifully through flowers and FEMMUE” Kelly Chung

  1. Camélia 73 Oil
  2. Flower Infused Fine Mask
  3. Dream Glow Sheet Mask
Femmue’s top three products

2. Beigic — Minimalistic Skincare Brand Powered by Coffee

Coffee-infused cosmetics by Beigic

“We are committed to adding little indulgence and pleasure to your everyday skincare rituals — the little BEIGIC touch that completes your skincare rituals, your mood and your day” — Kate Namgung

  1. Regenerating Oil
  2. Correcting Exfoliator
  3. Comforting Cream
Beigic’s top three products

3. Woohwaman — Interactive Beauty Community Platform

One of Woohwaman’s most popular products — Osak hand gel

“Our vision is to become a global community that attentively listens to people’s needs and delivers beauty solutions for all.” Doyeon Kim

Products and brands co-created between Woohwaman and platform users

4. Ice Creative — Platform Creating Beauty with Influencers

Ice Creative’s collaborated contents with influencers
Jelly Toner co-created between Ice Creative and beauty influencer ‘Dayoung’

We are a top of the line branding company specializing in support and growth of influencers around the world.Eunha Kim

5. AIONCO (AFSMALL) — A Global Beauty e-Wholesaler

AIONCO’s business model
  1. AFSMALL — Global Beauty e-Wholesale platform
  2. AFSWORKS — Global Beauty fulfillment service
  3. FOKLI:N — the startup’s own hygiene and skincare brand

“Our vision is to connect numerous buyers and suppliers from all over the world through AIONCO’s own platform based on high-end technology, and furthermore to establish one global supply chain network.” — Justin Jun

AFS MALL — AIONCO’s wholsale platform (src:




We Empower Beauty Disruptors.

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NX | NIVEA Accelerator

NX | NIVEA Accelerator

We Empower Beauty Disruptors.

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