• Jisoo Oh

    Jisoo Oh

    Love reading

  • Cassiopeia Services

    Cassiopeia Services

    London-based boutique leading Public and Investor Relation consultancy firm. Awarded Best International Investor Relations 2018. https://cassiopeia.agency/

  • Mz_Mt


  • vinod kumar

    vinod kumar

  • Rohit Sobti

    Rohit Sobti

    Brands & Business Growth. Leading new initiatives from scratch to scale, across Startups & Large companies.

  • Tran Ngo

    Tran Ngo

    A startup enthusiast. Interested in the intersection of academic work and business applications.

  • Seonuk Song

    Seonuk Song

    idle talker

  • Jenny Fleischer

    Jenny Fleischer

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