Asia, the continent once known as the little sibling following the other continents for development, has now grown independent and even leading others in terms of technology and innovation. The economy in Asia is growing stronger with each day and one crucial factor is the rapidly evolving startup ecosystem. It is of no surprise that Asia is accommodating more than a third of the world’s unicorn startups, valued above US$1b (McKinsey, 2019). Being in the spotlight, Asia has attracted more and more national as well as international investors and entrepreneurs.

If you have traveled or lived in Asia’s capitals like…

Fast, faster, : In less than ten months, the innovation hub based in Seoul was able to bring a new face care range based on fermented tea to market readiness. The result of deep consumer studies, modern packaging design and digital marketing is the new face care brand ‘CHAUL’.

  • Product range has been developed exclusively for the Asian market
  • Face care products are based on fermented tea from South Korea
  • Beiersdorf’s innovation hub speeds up consumer relevant innovation
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Hamburg, November 18, 2020 — It is Beiersdorf’s first brand to be developed exclusively for the Asian…

The beauty industry is one of the fastest growing and changing markets in the world, opening doors for new opportunities on a daily basis. Incumbent firms are constantly being challenged by young, dynamic startups who are reshaping the market. Particularly in a country such as Korea, which is viewed as a global beauty hub, this development can be witnessed. For many years already, Korea has been home to a vast number of innovative beauty brands and beauty products, which continue to mark their global footprints, particularly in the Asian markets. For exactly these reasons, the was…

The Beauty Industry Became a Vibrant Environment for Investments.

Our last article showed that the industry has become a popular playground for many VC companies and angel investors worldwide. Especially beauty startups are hot targets for investment or M&A activities. Also, the large beauty corporates have been very active in closing deals. In 2019, the deal volume in the industry reached an all-time high. The overview of last year’s most important Beauty Investments shows that the big companies were splashing the cash…

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The 9 most important beauty deals in 2019 exceeded a value of $7 billion

For 2020, another record in terms of deals is…

Within the consumer goods sector, beauty is considered the fastest-growing category. The beauty industry was worth $320 billion in retail sales in 2018 and is expected to grow by $1 trillion over the next few years. With the rise of the beauty space, investors have been paying close attention to identify new trends and investment opportunities.

Why Have VCs Been Hesitant in Investing in the Beauty Industry?

Before technology disrupted the industry, the main focus of beauty brands was to create an innovative product. However, creating brand awareness or promoting a new product’s benefit was very stagnant. Especially for small and new brands, it was difficult to reach customers without having…

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Beauty Tech as one of the most important trends within the beauty industry (src: )

From the swinging sixties to the dawn of the 2020s. It’s clear that the beauty industry has drastically changed over the years, and seems to be changing even more rapidly with each new year. One of the biggest contributors to this is the rise of Beauty Tech. Innovations are constantly being developed that not only enhance results but also improve the consumer experience and contribute to the lucrativeness of the beauty industry.

We’re sure 2020 will bring us new Beauty Technology that we can’t even imagine yet. …

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variety of K-Beauty products

In the past years, Western countries have mostly dominated the beauty industry. With major brands like L’Oréal or Bobbi Brown, global trends in skincare and cosmetics were set by countries like France or the US. However, sometime in the early 2000s, Korean beauty products suddenly gained immense popularity thanks to the rise of Korean culture. K-Beauty has been able to combine traditional remedies and ingredients with the latest cutting edge formulations and innovations. The products are not only highly effective but affordable at the same time. Beauty trends from Korea made a phenomenal entrance into the global market and are…

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The Rise of Beauty Accelerators

Accelerator programs are used by some of the world’s most respected companies to foster innovation, enhance digital capabilities and learn about new ways of working. This concept was once only seen in the tech sphere but has now spread to a wide variety of different industries. Also, in the beauty industry accelerators are a rising trend. Many startups try to become part of a beauty accelerator these days.

Beauty accelerator programs are designed to speed up the development process of beauty and beauty tech startups. …

K-beauty has become the symbol of cosmetics around the world thanks to the balance of its tech solutions, innovative packaging, and natural ingredients. As the Korean section in beauty stores is growing bigger, world-famous cosmetics companies are recognizing the big potential and influence of K-beauty. One of the most significant news include L’Oréal’s acquisition of Stylenanda, the Korean lifestyle brand, and Estée Lauder buying K-beauty brand Dr. Jart+. Moreover, Korean skincare is known for its unique concepts and instagrammable products which have lead to various trends on social media worldwide. (Remember “glass skin” or panda sheet masks?)

Korea has been…

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